Walker Smith

walkerrandolphsmith @ gmail.com | https://github.com/walkerrandolphsmith

Technology evangelist, proud Eagle Scout, and software craftsman committed to improvement. Values honesty, ownership, mindfulness, and lifelong learning.


TypeScript/JavaScript, C#, Python, SQL, GraphQL
React, Redux, Apollo, Next.js, Remix, CSS, CSS-in-JS
Node.js, .NET, CosmosDB, Service Bus, RabbitMQ
Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, Azure Dev Ops
Git, Bash, Visual Studio Code, Figma, D2


  1. Senior Software EngineerMicrosoft March 2021 - Present
    C#, Typescript, Service Bus, Nx, React, GraphQL, Git, Azure, Azure Dev Ops
    • Design and lead execution of an event driven architecture that reduced content publication times from over one hour to under 1 minute.
    • Design and lead execution of incremental static regeneration to reduce content delivery by over five seconds and improved our Lighthouse audit score from 48/100 to 100/100.
    • Develop infrastructure to generate ephemeral environments enabling end to end testing of a distributed system.
  2. Senior Software EngineerDigital.ai Sept 2018 - March 2021
    C#, SQL Server, React, Redux, LESS, CSS Blocks, Cypress, IIS, Nodejs, NGINX, Git, TeamCity, Docker
    • Increased release confidence, improved quality, and altered team norms through instituting automated end-to-end and visual regression testing.
    • Improved team’s overall core competencies by mentoring on React, Redux, and front-end best practices.
    • Introduced scalable webhooks feature, empowering critical enterprise integrations.
  3. Software Engineersmash.gg Nov 2017 - Sept 2018
    Nodejs, GraphQL, Apollo, React, CSS Modules, Cypress, Docker, K8s, GCP, Firebase Functions
    • Contributed to defining the role of software engineer in test and established end to end testing practices using Cypress.io.
    • Coached agile practices that honed sprint commitments and road maps.
    • Developed real-time “Event Check-in” enabling entry into online esports market.
    • Removed human error from Firebase security and rules curation by introducing Bolt Compiler.
  4. Software EngineerVersionOne Dec 2014 - Nov 2017
    C#, SQL Server, Python, MongoDB, React, Redux, LESS
    • Introduced React, Redux, Webpack, and LESS into Continuum product.
    • Established unit testing in front end and back end via Mocha and Pytest.
    • Improved user experience through core contributions to React component library; led adoption across multiple teams and products.
    • Increased developer productivity by implementing hot module replacement.
    • Significantly reduced manual testing time via creation of command line tools to simulate obscure data requirements.
  5. Software EngineerBluetube Aug 2013 - Dec 2014
    C#, SQL Server, Objective-C, Java, Angular (1.x), CSS
    • Expanded working knowledge of iOS, Android and web application development.
    • Integrated direct customer feedback into tight development iterations.
    • Increased application performance by introducing asset optimization pipelines.


  1. Columbus State UniversityM.S. Machine Learning & AI Aug 2023 - Present
  2. Columbus State UniversityB.S. Computer Science Aug 2008 - May 2013


  1. VersionOne.Python.SDK: Maintainer
  2. VersionOne valve: Maintainer
  3. VersionOne Component Library: Core contributor
  4. JsonEditor: Contributor; Resolved issue
  5. Quasimatic: Contributor; Improved developer experience
  6. Cypress.io: Contributor; Updated documentation
  7. Kafdrop: Contributor; Updated documentation