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Technology enthusiast, proud Eagle Scout, and software craftsman, I have a passion for the web and software development. I strive to adhere to Agile and SOLID principles while always maintaining a constant pursuit of improvement. My interests include UI/UX engineering, learning, and test driven development.

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Walker Randolph Smith


VersionOne JavaScript SDK

Recently the VersionOne JavaScript SDK received some love and got a major version release. The SDK allows communication with a VersionOne instance by exposing some of the well documented apis including query.v1, rest-1.v1, and metav1. The SDK ultimately makes HTTP requests to a specified VersionOne instance. In this scenario I will not consider CORS and make all the requests from a server. This article assumes prior knowledge around Node.js and javascript. I will cover how to set up a minimal node application that uses an express server and the SDK to make queries to VersionOne. You can follow along with this git repo sample-v1sdk-app.

Walker Randolph Smith Walker Randolph Smith