Walker Randolph Smith

Technology enthusiast, proud Eagle Scout, and software craftsman, I have a passion for the web and software development. I strive to adhere to Agile and SOLID principles while always maintaining a constant pursuit of improvement. My interests include UI/UX engineering, learning, and test driven development.

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Walker Randolph Smith


Electron Native Apps

Electron allows for creating cross platform, native applications that run on the Node.js runtime. Today, native applications can be created with a consistent set of tools including Javascript, HTML, and CSS. Electron, developed by Github, was orginally known as Atom Shell as it powered the homegrown text editor created at Github, Atom. Now well known applications such as Slack, Atom, Visual Studio Code, and more have been developed with Electron. I am going to cover creating a minimal Electron application.

Walker Randolph Smith Walker Randolph Smith